The company "Metid" is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of high-quality steel products for industry and household needs. The company owns production facilities, technological equipment and all the necessary infrastructure for the modern production of high quality steel products. We are constantly working on improving production technologies and updating technological equipment. Our specialists have created a number of technological processes for manufacturing products, which are unique "technical know-how" of the "Metid" company.
The company employs about 100 highly qualified workers and engineering professionals. The company constantly pays attention to improving their qualifications. Production facilities, warehouses for finished products and the administration of the company represent a single territorial complex, which is located in the Dnipro city, Ukraine. Convenient location of the company and developed transport infrastructure allow transporting finished products by road in any region.
Each type of product is manufactured in a separate workshop or on a separate specialized production line.
An important direction of production of the company "Metid" is the manufacture of products from galvanized steel. We use galvanized steel from the best manufacturers and process it on technological lines equipped with modern special equipment. Here we produce:
These products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine (DSTU 3277-95. Galvanized steel household dishware. General specifications).
Another important area is the production of shovels. In a separate workshop on a specialized line, we produce digging shovels, square-faced shovels, snow and grain shovels, coal and rock shovels. Shovels are manufactured according to technical specifications (TU U 25.7-31300797-001: 2018) from carbon steel, which is subjected to special heat treatment. This line also produces sidewalk ice scraper with blade widths of 150 mm and 230 mm.
Constantly expanding the range of products, private enterprise "Metid" began producing such products as: kitchen products (flame spreaders, sterilizers for jars, cookie cutters set); household products (shoe horns); gun safes.
The rapidly developing direction of the company is manufacturing of products for garden decor. Our collection of garden decor includes planters, flowerpots and buckets of various sizes in galvanized, powder coated and printed.
The total production is over 2,500,000 items per year. Galvanized steel products form a large part of the entire production. We have the potential to increase production volume by almost 3 times. The company pays special attention to the quality of its products and the introduction of new technologies to maintain leading market positions. The company's marketing department monitors changes in consumer demand in the respective markets. According to the analysis of the market situation, we are making the necessary changes to the product range. Our production is focused on customer satisfaction. We also fulfill orders in which we take into account the individual requirements of products’ buyers. These requirements include product dimensions, metal thickness, coating thickness, image application, and more. In the production process, we use eco-friendly materials and technologies. Therefore, all our products are environmentally friendly and safe.



At the «Metid» private enterprise you can order turning and milling work, stamping of parts on power presses, metal cutting and other types of metal machining.
The company’s specialists will promptly provide all the necessary information regarding a specific order. Many years of experience, specialized training of specialists, and high-quality equipment allow the company to perform a wide range of work in a short time and at an affordable price.
Metid company production
Metid company production
Metid company production
Metid company production


Heat treatment of metals can significantly improve the performance characteristics of materials and products made from them. «Metid», a private enterprise, has the technical ability to provide heat treatment services for serial batches of products in a continuous-type tunnel furnace equipped with an overhead conveyor for metal workpieces up to 500 mm wide and up to 700 mm high.
Metid company production
The company carries out such types of heat treatment as annealing, normalization, hardening and tempering. Ten years of experience in hardening various types of parts and steels allows us to guarantee high quality and short order completion times.


Painting metal products is not only decorative, but also protection against oxidation and significant improvement in the product's performance. To protect metal from destruction and aging, paint manufacturers add protective components that prevent corrosion of the metal surface. Powder (polymer) painting is a method of applying paint and varnish coating used for any type of metal products. It differs from analogues in having better technological, economic and environmental indicators.
Metid company production
PP "Metid" offers the capabilities of its resource base using many years of experience in the field of powder coating of products. Powder painting that we offer has a number of significant advantages:
  • formation of a high-class coating “in one layer”;
  • complete safety for humans and environmental friendliness;
  • excellent set of performance qualities;
  • a wide selection of glossy and matte colors and shades (on the RAL scale) with the possibility of obtaining various decorative effects;
  • durability (several decades);
  • coloring speed (2-3 hours);
  • high fire safety.
Metid company production
The company strictly controls the quality of the powder painting process at all stages of the technological cycle.

One of the largest manufacturers of household and household goods in Ukraine.

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