Products of the company "Metid"

The company "Metid" is manufacturing a wide range of products from sheet steel for the household and industry. The products are of high quality and meet all consumer requirements. We are interested in establishing partnerships with wholesale clients, for which special cooperation conditions will be offered. Learn more about the partnership with Metid.

Galvanized steel products

The company "Metid" produces various goods for everyday life and industry from galvanized steel: buckets, tanks, baths, basins, washtubs. For our products, we use time-tested production technologies and the best materials from around the world. The main tool is cold rolled zinc coated steel sheet with a thickness of 0.35-0.5mm.
Metid products

Galvanized steel buckets

Metid products

Galvanized steel tanks

Metid products

Galvanized steel basins

Metid products

Galvanized steel bathtubs

The quality of our products made of galvanized steel is controlled at all stages of manufacturing and meets the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 3277-95. "Galvanized steel household dishware. General specifications".


Metid products
The company "Metid" is a manufacturer of all types of shovels reqired for household and industrial facilities. On a specially designed production line, the company "Metid" produces: small round-pointed shovel (spade) of the LKM type, rectangular shovel (spade) of the LKP type, sharp-pointed shovel (spade) of the LKO type, square-faced shovel (scoop) for sand of the LSP type, rock scoop (shovel for rock) of the LPR type, coal scoop (shovel for coal) of the LU-1 type, universal shovel, pick-and-dig shovels (American type) of the LPK type, square-faced shovel (scoop) for snow and grain of the LSZ type. Shovels can be coated with special paint or have a protective powder coating (graphite, hammer).
Shovels are made of carbon steel that has undergone special heat treatment and meets the technical specifications of TU U 25.7-31300797-001:2018. This line also produces sidewalk ice scraper with blade widths of 150 mm and 230 mm.
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Decor products

Metid products
Under the brand "DECORIUM" the company "Metid" manufactures products for decoration and decorative elements for over 20 years. Our designers work very carefully on the creation of each product and all its elements. We help our consumers find original and intelligent solutions for home, apartment, garden or restaurant decor. Our product range includes cachepots, cachepots with a print, cachepots with a hanger, flowerpots, decorative buckets with a handle, anti-mosquito decorative candles and others. Decor products can be zinc coated or powder coated in various RAL colors. All products are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Moreover, the decor made from natural materials will never lose its relevance. We help to create a good mood and harmonious space with decorative elements.
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Metid products
Storing firearms and ammunition at home requires compliance with certain rules regulated by law. One of the mandatory conditions is the presence of a special gun safe to protect against unauthorized access and theft. Our company produces gun safes that take into account the requirements and wishes of the customer (product dimensions, metal thickness, types of locks, number of shelves, paint color, etc.). Gun safes are made of high-quality steel to ensure high strength and burglary resistance.
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Metid products
Shoe horns are a necessary accessory for the home. The horn allows you to avoid deformation of the back of the shoe, and also simplifies the process of putting on shoes. Private enterprise «Metid» produces metal shoehorns with a length of 280 mm and 450 mm. Manufactured from sheet steel ensures good strength and long service life. Our horns are powder coated. And the hanging hole creates additional convenience.
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Metid products
A flame spreader is a special metal disk that has holes and allows you to more efficiently use the gas from the stove in the process of preparing various culinary dishes. Our company produces flame diffusers of a three-dimensional design with a diameter of 210 mm from galvanized steel. Due to the volumetric design, the divider concentrates high temperature and distributes it evenly within its area.
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Metid products
This fireproof flame divider made of steel measuring 95x95 mm is specially designed to ensure safety when using cookware made from materials that are not resistant to fire. It acts as a reliable barrier between the gas burner flame and the bottom of the cookware, making it suitable for adapting a gas burner to cookware with a small bottom diameter and ensuring stable and uniform heat distribution. Such flame spreaders are indispensable when making Turkish coffee, especially if they are made of ceramic.
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Metid products
A jar sterilizer is used to steam glass jars at home when canning. It is installed instead of a lid on a pan of boiling water. The pan must have a volume of 1 to 3.5 liters with a maximum outer diameter of 180 mm. The hole in the sterilizer allows steam to pass from the pan into the jar, which is placed on a stand with the neck down. You can place jars with a capacity of 0.5 - 3 liters on the sterilizer.
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Metid products
A die-cutting mold is a full figure with sharp edges, with the help of which a confectionery piece is cut out of dough. Allows you to quickly and easily give a specific shape to the dough. Each set includes 3 different metal molds - these are confectionery tools with which you can cut out different figures for making cookies and gingerbread. Children like these confectionery products, especially on holidays. Our company produces a variety of cookie cutter sets.
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