About "Metid"

The private enterprise "Metid" was founded in 1998 in the city of Dnipro, which is located in the center of the industrial region of Ukraine.

The company specializes in the production of ferrous metal and galvanized sheet products for household and industrial use. The product range of the enterprise includes:
  • shovels for various purposes in a wide range;
  • buckets of different sizes from galvanized steel;
  • tanks, baths, washtubs and basins from galvanized steel in the range;
  • products for garden decor made of galvanized steel of various sizes and shapes, which can have colored coating and prints.

Currently, the company employs about 100 people, and the annual production volume is about 2,500,000 items. The enterprise has the potential to increase production by 2-3 times. In production, we use modern, eco-friendly technologies and equipment. For production, the company uses materials and components of the highest quality from the best manufacturers, which allows us to produce products of consistently high quality. All of our products are also eco-friendly.

The company "Metid" has a strict system of product quality control. We are constantly working to improve the consumer properties of our products. Therefore, our products are competitive and are in demand in the markets of Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Germany.

Our products are manufactured under the Metid ® trademark, which is officially registered in Ukraine. The company "Metid" is interested in expanding the dealer network and invites wholesale companies to cooperate. The trust of business partners and customer loyalty are the key priorities in the activities of the Metid company, and we are looking for the partners who share our business philosophy.

Metid, map

The «Metid» company is interested in establishing partnerships with other companies by organizing joint productions and participating in collaborations. For this purpose, we have metalworking, paintwork and heat treatment capabilities that can be used in such programs.

Metid company

One of the largest manufacturers of household and household goods in Ukraine.

Tel: +38-067-256-0374

Email: metid@ua.fm, metid-n@ua.fm